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Bobby Bond Silicone

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Solve all your bonding, sealing and filling problems with one product.

Bobby Bond is exceptionally universal in that it has an amazing instant grab to all materials, can be over painted, is oderless and solventless, will not shrink and remains a flexible but super strong adhesive sealant.

Bobby Bond van seal, bond and fill on wet surfaces and even under water. Bobby Bond is ultraviolet resistant, anti fungal and will not tarnish over time.

Weather in the construction, DIY, automotive, industrial or general maintenance business, Bobby Bond is excellent for bonding and sealing sink, toilet, shower trays, shower cubicles, jacuzzis, hottubs, taps, mirrors, tiles,worktops, s, window frames, window sills, door frames, ceiling roses, electrical sockets, pipes, signage, insulation and condult. It is ideal for filling plaster joints, settlement cracks, expansion joints, mitre joints, nail holes, and much more.


Cut tip of cartridge. Trim nozzle to the desired dimension and ensure surfaces are clean an free from grease. Insert Bobby Bond cartridge into the suitable gun and apply to applications. After use leave 1cm of Bobby Bond from the nozzle to form a plug. To reuse simply pull the plug of Bobby Bond from the nozzle.

A 1mm bead of Bobby Bond will cure in approximately 4 hours.

Temperature resistance: -30 to 100 degrees.


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