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Bardahl Threadlock T171 prevents vibration loosening and seal against leakage
and corrosion. One bottle of Bardahl Threadlock adhesive takes the place of a wide
variety of traditional and some times ineffective, vibration proofing methods, reducing
cost and increasing performance! It is chemical resistant, resisting fuels, lubricants
and most Industrial liquids and gases.

Threadlock T171 eliminates double nutting and or welding of critical assemblies.
Using T171 permits reduced casting thickness, and eliminates cracked castings due
to interference fit stresses. The products viscosity allows usage on fine to medium
threads on parts that will not require periodic disassembly.

Using Bardahl Threadlock T171 is easy, it is colour coded green to assist in
selection. Because of its chemical resistance it is ideal in applications such as a
sealant for refrigeration plant, air conditioning, big plant and process equipment using
corrosive chemicals. The application of heat may be required to assist in removal of
parts. Primers can be used , however up to 30% strength loss can occur when doing
so. Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease.

· ISO 9001 and 9000
· Excellent shelf life
· Consistent performance on active and inactive surfaces
· Prevents leakage and corrosion
· Eliminates assembly stress
· Excellent durability
· Product is normally hand applied direct from the bottle.
· Superior chemical and physical properties
· Will not contaminate hydraulic and pneumatic systems


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