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5 KVA 110V Transformer

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This portable site transformer converts an input voltage of 230/240 volts to a safer output voltage of 110 volts, suitable for use with many power tools or site lighting that operate on the lower voltage.

These transformers make worksites safer because 110 volts is less dangerous than 240 volts, and although steps are always taken to ensure safe working practices on site, accidents are more likely.

It allows an intermittent power draw of up to 5kVA or a continuous draw of 3kVA from the two 16 Amp sockets or additional 32 Amp socket.

It simply plugs into a domestic or site supply with the standard UK 3 pin moulded plug on a 1m cable and is ready to use.


Thermal overload protection

Continuous duty rating of 3kVA

Intermittent rating of 5kVA

2 x 16A and 1 x 32A sockets

Transforms 230V to 110V

Corrosion resistant tough case

1 metre power cable with UK 3-pin plug

Suitable for most 110V Power Tools & Lighting


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