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Bolt-On Clear Spray Grease

Our Clear Spray Grease is ideal for lubricating locks, hinges, bearings, chains and linkages. It acts as a barrier protecting the surfaces from impurities that can damage whilst retaining a cosmetic appearance. 500ml

Bolt-on Galvanised Zinc Spray 500ml

Our Bright Zinc Spray is ideal for repairing weld, drilling and cutting marks on bright galvanised metal surfaces. The Zinc Sheen produces a continuous zinc barrier protection against corrosion. For remedial repairs to damaged, weathered and newly galvanised surfaces. Spray on to a clean dry...

Bolt-on Special Offer

1 x 4.5L Hand Cleaner 1 x 5L Cutting Soluble Oil 1 x 500ml Galvanised Zinc Spray 1 x 500ml Clear Grease Spray 1 x 500ml Penetrating Oil 1 x 8m Tape Measure


ProSolve Primer is a high quality all-purpose acrylic interior and exterior primer. Specially formulated for priming many surfaces including wood, MDF, ceramic and paint prepared plastics. This product is quick drying and exhibits outstanding adhesion. 500ml Aerosol Can.

Prosolve Hi-Vis Marker Paint – 500ml

Prosolve Hi-Vis Marker Paint is a high quality, fast drying and hardwearing spray paint which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use on a range of surfaces including masonry, pavements, asphalt, cement and wood.  Widely used throughout a vast array of industries including construction, logistics,...