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50m Open Reel Steel Tape Measure

The 50m long (165ft) high-grade steel blade features both metric and imperial markings along its length, printed clearly in black and red ink. The blade is covered with a layer of clear, non-glare Nylon providing superior levels protection against abrasion/scuffing. Deburred edges help to minimise...

Brown Packaging Tape (50mm x 50m)

Ideal for steadying, bundling and sealing cardboard boxes. Can also be used for export tasks. 50mm x 50m

Duct Tape (48mm x 50m)

Ideal for repairs and extra strong fastening. The tough, durable tape is easy to tear and has a high tack for domestic and professioanl applications. Measuring 48mm in width, this silver duct tape is supplied on a 50m roll.

Insulation Tape

Insulation / Electrical Tape is used to insulate wires and other electricity conducting materials, essential for new installations and repairs.

Masking Tape

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Masking Tape

Professional grade tape for panel beaters, especially suitable for masking, resists temperatures of up to 80ºC (min 30). Does not leave adhesive traces when removed. 45m

PTFE Tape (48mm x 50m)

A standard grade thread seal tape, a nominal thickness of 0.075 mm and density 0.4 – 0.5 g/cc, manufactured from 100% pure, virgin PTFE and containing less than 0.1% of residual lubricant

Red and White Barrier Tape (75mm x 500m)

Non-adhesive hazard tape. Red and white diagonal stripe. 500m roll length.

Stanley Tylon 8m Tape Measure

Compact & ergonomic bi-material case Belt clip Tylon™ blade coating gives greater durability Matt finish blade reduces glare True zero end hook

Tesa Utility Duct Tape

Product description Tesa duct is a utility grade duct tape. It consists of a 27 mesh woven PET/cotton fabric backing coated with a natural rubber adhesive. Tesa duct tape is a self adhesive tape with typical duct features for a wide range of applications. Features:...